Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beating the Heat

This weekend brought nothing but hot squelching heat and we had to find something to keep us cool. Enter the water hose, yes you heard correctly, the water hose. Most people would think that was a great answer to the heat issue but when you have multiple water toys for your son and he chooses to really only play with the water hose, its a little annoying. The only time he would play with something else, if I shut the hose off…

We have a water table with a ton of water toys in it, nope water hose please. We have a slide, nada water hose please. We have a grill, no thank you, water hose please. I decided it was time to steal an idea from a co-worker and her little girl (Thanks Stacy) and luckily Justin was headed out to the mall. On his way back, he and Logan stopped for a baby pool and we placed the slide in the water. One would think that a rowdy 22 month old would want, actually welcome sliding into a pool of water but nope, not my rowdy 22 month old. He just wanted to stand in it, eventually I got him to sit down and almost even lay down. Not sure what it is about water but I guess in the end, I don't mind him being a little timid, it is water. I wouldn't want him running full speed ahead and jumping into any sort of water at this age. So easy does it for us. We are certainly looking forward to the heat finding its way out of KC so that we can bring the little guy out and so he too can enjoy some of the weather. 

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