Friday, July 22, 2011

All Good Things...

Must come to an end. Today marked the last day of my maternity leave and can you guess how I spent it? With both of my boys-the best way possible! We started the day off with some family pictures (hope to post a link soon) to mark Kaden's 2nd birthday and Logan turning 3 months (in a few short weeks) and then came my favorite part of the day. (Which also happens to be what I enjoyed the most about my maternity leave.) Napping. But not just any old nap, a special nap, one with Logan snuggled right up next to me. Sure my arm would fall asleep once in a while and his poor bald head would get a little sweaty but those were very small prices to pay for those precious bonding moments that I will forever cherish. Come Monday, I will be in cuddle time withdraw and just like with Kaden, we will have to incorporate Logan into our morning snuggle time where as a family we spend the first 15-30 minutes of the morning just laying in bed, all 6 of us!

--As a side note, Kaden naps in his bed and normally is at daycare. We made the decision before Logan was born to continue taking Kaden to daycare. Not only would Logan get the devoted time that Kaden got when he was born but more importantly Kaden's routine wouldn't be interrupted.--

This maternity leave was a complete 180 from my first maternity leave. With Kaden, I couldn't find enough time in the day to get anything done. With Logan, we conquered so much. I painted the bathroom and vanity. We hung pictures. We planned and shopped for Kaden's birthday party. We went on vacations. You name it, we did it. He was and still is such an easy going baby, so much so, that it doesn't matter when or where we need to go, we go.

You will have to forgive me while I correct myself...I know I said that napping was the thing I enjoyed the most about my maternity leave but I might have lied a little. It is a close number one but it falls just short of Kaden coming home from daycare. As soon as Kaden walks in the door or we pick him up, he looks for Logan. He says hi to him and runs straight over to kiss him. The love that he has for his little brother is so special and sitting back and just watching him with Logan gives me such a happy heart.

Before Logan, I was so scared about how we would function as a family of four. You always hear that the transition from 1 child to 2 is incredibly hard but for us, it just flowed. As if we had been doing it all along. Yes, we have two strollers or we have to pack the double stroller. Yes, we have to get two kiddos buckled into car seats. And yes, I have two butts to wipe multiple times a day but it all just fits, fits perfectly.

So although I am heading back to work and traveling will start to pick up again, we will continue to make it work and if there is any one thing that I am looking forward to it is getting into our new routine. Making sure that after we get home from work that it is quality family time before the kids go to bed and that we are making the most of our time together. Posts will slow, laundry will pile up but let it. I will happily spend my time with my boys, all three of them.

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