Sunday, July 31, 2011

23 and 12

That is how old my two boys are. Kaden at 23 months and Logan at 12 weeks. As I type this, Kaden is sitting next to me with his ankles crossed and his computer on his lap. A few hours before this he sat there learning about zoo animals on the iPad and knew exactly what buttons to push to get where he needed to go. He is a sponge-sitting, watching and soaking it all in. We now have to watch how we "swat" at flies or he thinks it is a game and goes around swatting at anything and everything, especially the dogs. We have to put drinks as far back on the counters or as far up as possible or he will instantly be moving chairs and climbing on whatever it is to reach them. He is climbing into Logan's crib (Logan isn't in it). He is climbing onto the back of the couch and jumping off. Basically, he is a monkey-but our Monkey he is. The trantrums can be tiring and tough but his innocence and charming personality makes up for them 100 folds. It is hard to believe that one month time he will be two-a wild, rambunctious, jabbering, never-wanting-to-sit-still-two year old. And I can't wait to see all the new things in which he learns and he teaches to his little brother. (They can't all be bad things, can they?)

Speaking of his little brother. Logan hit another milestone, he turned 12 weeks old and loves, loves, loves to eat his hands. His first week of daycare went just as expected-perfectly. I missed him to pieces but knowing that he is in such great hands and is with his brother helps get me through the day. He is certainly making the run for favorite kiddo at daycare and not with just Ms. Brenda but all the kiddos tell me how much they love Logan and what a great baby he is. They are just the sweetest. Before we know it, we will be planning his first birthday and yes, the ideas are already brewing!

This upcoming week will mark a first for us Souths. It will be my first work trip. Mom is headed to Minneapolis for an investment symposium and will be leaving Daddy in charge. Although I know everything will go perfectly and the boys will have so much fun with their Daddy, it doesn't stop me from worrying. I know that me working is the best thing for our family and I love what I do but it doesn't make leaving any easier. Luckily, my husband is pretty fantastic and always steps up to the plate and because of him, I can do what I do. The only thing I am looking forward to-a solid, SOLID night of sleep in that comfy, COMFY hotel bed.

Oh the wonderful "cheese" face how I love thee.

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