Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who Wants It!!

Free, oh so cute, bear cocoon pod. We held a mini photo shoot in our living room today-just me armed with a camera and Logan. I was looking at some of his newborn pictures and thought it would be fun to get the cocoon pod back out. As I was putting him into the pod, I noticed that it was getting a little tight. We might be able to do another shoot in 2 weeks but after that, this big boy isn't fitting into it any longer. Since he will be to big and it is way too cute to stash away in his closet, I want to give it away to someone who will get use out of it. I just ask two things of the person who gets it. 1. You pass along a picture of your little nugget in it. 2. You pass it on to someone else after your nugget has grown out of it. Let me know if you would like it! Oh and more importantly, here are a few pictures from our photo shoot today!

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