Saturday, June 4, 2011

We're Going Downtown

Friday afternoon we got an invite to join the Walshes for Downtown Days at Lee's Summit. We weren't sure what we would be in for since we had never been but Jake and Jennifer both insisted that it would be fun. To their credit, they were partly right. The weather was hot but the breeze was amazing! The pony ride was fun at least it was for the whole 2 minutes it lasted since Kaden insisted cutting his ride short. The hamburger and chicken strips were good but the shoestring fries that we thought looked amazing wouldn't even pull apart-they were just one hot mess. The band was loud and the train was even louder. We thought Kaden would be so excited to see the train but when it got close and blew it's horn, he came running to me as quickly as his little legs would take him and jumped into my arms from about 3 feet away. In the end, the event was fun, we were with great company which is what it is all about. What wasn't so much fun was our 21 month old that was on a whole new level. Fit after fit was being thrown and we definitely learned our lesson about not feeding him dinner on time-to think everything could have been different for the evening! Thanks for the invite Jake and Jennifer, I hope we didn't scare you off! 

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