Saturday, June 4, 2011

This! No That!

Is how the morning went with Papa Tom and Kaden. My mom and dad decided to drive up this morning to spend a few hours with us the boys. First out came the fruit snacks for Kaden, speeds up the warming up process, and Papa Tom went straight for Logan. After a couple minutes Papa Tom was ready to hand over Logan to Grandma Sara and it was off to play with Kaden, guess I know where Kaden gets his short attention span! :0) Kaden was armed with Papa Tom's phone and Papa Tom was armed with bubbles, outside they went. We warned Papa Tom that getting Kaden to go outside was the easy part, it was getting him back inside that would be the issue. Papa Tom just decided they would stay outside which was right up both his and Kaden's alley. The next few minutes went a little something like this...

First they went for the ever-so-popular

which lasted a whole two minutes so then it was onto the

which didn't last any longer than the four wheeler. Up next...

took a few swings and then it was on to something else. Papa Tom was running out of ideas so what does he do?! Puts the little man in the Avalanche. 

Papa Tom showed him how to run the DVD Player, how to turn on the wipers, how to lock the doors,  how to unbuckle the seatbelt, how to roll down the windows. It is safe to say that Kaden now understands how to operate a vehicle, although I wouldn't trust him driving just yet! And thanks to Papa Tom and his superb teaching ability, Kaden was a pain-in-the-you-know-what to get out of the Tahoe once we returned from running errands. He would just climb back and forth from the front to the back, playing a little game of tag. Cute but not that cute! I guess we can take Kaden learning a few new tricks if it means getting to spend more time with Papa Tom and Grandma Sara, we all were so sad to see them go. Maybe we will just have to load up and head down to Carthage so we can spend some more time with them...

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