Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Family of Five

The past few days we became a family of five with the wonderful addition of my seven year old nephew, Blake, and you know what, it felt pretty good-maybe we aren't done having kids after all...

Blake got to make the trip back to KC with me on Wednesday and stayed until Papa Tom and Grandma Sara came to pick him up today. He was so much fun to have around and such an easy guest. He and Kaden got along great and played so well and played hard which turned into a few extra minutes of shut eye in the morning. He went to bed each night without any sort of struggle and even fed the little guy a few times while I got things pulled together around the house or chased after Kaden. If I could, I would hire him for the entire summer, such a joy!

While Blake was up here we wanted to make sure and show him a good time so we planned a few activities that both he and Kaden would enjoy, oh and Justin too. Thursday night we decided to be spontaneous and head out to The K and take a ballgame in. We got great seats-section 209, back row-stroller rolled right up and parked! Plus the tickets were only 15ish bucks a piece and we got $5 towards drinks and food on each ticket and unlimited outfield experience for the kids. We sat and watched a little of the game, we ate peanuts (Kaden loved cracking the shells), we signed up for the Blue Crew, we got Logan's Official Fan certificate and then headed to the outfield. Kaden and I rode the carousel while Justin and Blake tried taking our picture-tried being the operative word-see below...

Billy Butler beat Blake in a race to home plate and Kaden finally got over his fear of sprinklers and we loaded two very wet boys into the suburban. Night at The K=Success.

On Friday, we introduced Blake to Chipotle and he actually said he prefers Taco Bell, this was his one and only strike against him for his entire say. After lunch we headed to Deanna Rose Farmstead for an afternoon with the animals. It was me and the three boys since Justin was at work and I was keeping my fingers crossed I didn't have to carry a kicking and screaming boy around on my hip while I pushed another screaming child. This time, luck was on my side and Kaden was an ANGEL while Logan slept the entire time. Kaden would either hold or "help" push the stroller along the path or he would run a little ahead and each time I said "stop", he did. Who was this child? And how do I get him to show up every day? We made it around Deanna Rose stopping and seeing each of the animals and the boys even fed a couple of the baby goats a bottle and when it was time to leave, there were no tears or screams. Deanna Rose=Success.

Our fun wasn't over just yet, we decided to try our luck out at a Japanese Steak House for dinner. Besides Kaden not being all that successful at eating the rice-more made it on the floor than in his mouth-it was a great way to end Blake's stay with us and we are looking forward to our trip to Minneapolis when Blake gets to join us again along with his brother and Papa Tom and Grandma Sara. Thanks Blakers for being such a great kid and spending a few days of your summer with us here in KC, it seems like yesterday when I could hold you in my arms! Love you!

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