Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheap Mini Project

It seems as though we have been updating, painting and decorating for months on end and at first I really didn't enjoy it. Possibly because we had absolutely NO kitchen for 2 months and although we enjoy eating out, it was getting a little old and expensive. Fast forward 10 months and DIYing has become a new hobby and I am constantly thinking about what I can do next. Today, I took on the vanity in our bathroom. It use to look like this....

Do you see that nasty, worn out vanity? The wood color was just hideous and it had to go. The pulls and knobs were as old as who knows. Frankly, I was tired of looking at it and figured anything would be better than what we already had. And today was the day. As Logan chilled out in Kaden's room far, far away from the fumes of the paint, I pulled out all drawers, removed all doors and got to work. I still have to paint the drawers but I can honestly say that it already looks 100% better. The only thing, do I need to paint all of the inside? Or can I just leave it as is? Is it safe to spray paint in the house because that would be sooooo much easier! 

And I did say cheap. 
-2 Pitch Black Semi Gloss Quarts @ 15.88 (Will probably only use one at 7.96)
-1 roller @ 4.97 
-1 drop cloth @ 1.98
-3 cans of spray paint @ 2.98 each = 8.94

Grand Total = $23.85

Should have done this a long time ago! Up next, the wall color, only if Justin and I could agree on which color to go for! I am thinking light and breezy-Mojito is the name and he is thinking a little darker like Sliced Cucumber. Guess we will see...

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