Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Change of Plans

Today marked the first day in which I would be at home with both myself. Since we are paying for daycare we figured we would send Kaden to keep his routine as normal as possible, no need to mess with a good thing. Well, today started Ms. Brenda's vacation. While she and Tyler are off to Texas to put their toes in the sand and to 'Free Willy', I am here keeping my fingers crossed that I can handle both boys and still ensure they each have a great time.

In honor of being an imposter SAHM, we kicked off the adventurous 10 days with a trip to the pool. Normally, I would be so excited for the pool but not really feeling it after just 6 weeks post baby. Luckily it wasn't hot so I didn't need to take off the shorts or the t-shirt. On a side note, Target carries Spanx swimsuits and I am totally going to try one of those on!  We got an early start to the day and when we woke up, we pulled up to check when we could expect the rain. Hour by hour, we had until 2 so Tiffany and Sophie came over, we loaded up and then headed to the pool. Kaden enjoyed running in and out of the water, he finally gained enough courage to go down the slide a few times and then proceeded to spend the remained of our time in the swampy sand pit. Gotta love sand and cleaning it off of a little one before getting in the car. Sadly our trip to the pool was short, we were there for 50 minutes and decided we would have to try again another day. Earlier that morning we had dropped Logan off to spend a couple hours with Grammy so that Kaden and I could have some Mommy and Me time but since we had to leave a little early and didn't want our fun to stop, we changed gears and decided a picnic was in order. We arrived at Grammy's with food in our hands and headed to her family room where she had a blanket spread out on the floor and that is where we plopped down. After lunch we waited around with Grammy while the cable guys put in a new cable outlet and while NFM delivered her new furniture. Kaden sure loved breaking in the new couch! Once at home Kaden was down for the count and didn't wake up until after Daddy got home from work. When he finally did awaken, he saw his new present that had been delivered-a spiraling water park that we can't wait to play in tomorrow, rain or shine.

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