Friday, June 10, 2011

Blog Dump

This past week has been a busy week for the South household and unfortunately, there hasn't been enough time to do much of anything, especially to blog, so get ready for the all mighty blog dump.

Lets see, where did we leave off.... that's right Logan turned a month old! Sunday brought our weekly trip to Costco, a road trip to dealerships and then some fun in the sun. After Kaden woke up from his nap, we Justin quickly mowed the front yard and we hooked up the splat mat. The water was cold, freezing actually, but that didn't slow Kaden down. While Kaden ran through the water, Logan sat contently in the shade decked out in his itty, bitty swim trunks. The splat mat is certain to become our best friend this summer as we settle in for a very hot and humid summer here in KC.

Summer 2010

Pee-Pee On The Potty. Pee-Pee On The Potty! Is the new "it" song. We sing it in the morning, we sing it at bath time, we sing it in the evening. We aren't "officially" potty training, just thought it would be a good idea to start getting acquainted with the new gear. A couple of times he has pulled the potty seat out, put it on the floor and while we thought he was just playing he stood up and tugged at his diaper and already had a nice surprise for us, guess he understands it a little more than we thought! 

Note to Kaden-Sorry to have to post this picture but how could I not?! You are just too darn cute.

We also said goodbye to a dear friend. Someone Something that has been there by our side for the last 3 years. It was there to bring Kaden and Logan home from the hospital. It was there for the many trips which I took back home to see my family and was there for our fabulous road trip to Chicago with Jake and Jennifer. As I looked out the rear view mirror and drove away from it, a tear fell to my lap. It was harder to say goodbye than I thought. We have been looking long and hard for something a little bigger.  We hated the idea of parting completely from our Tahoe, so we found the next best thing, a Suburban that has everything our Tahoe did even down to the two-tone interior (minus the 66k miles)-a perfect fit for us. Tahoe, I hope you find a good home, you will be missed.

Party in the Park. Tonight, Merriam hosted their annual Party in the Park at Quail Creek Park which lucky for us was right down the road. We loaded the kids up in the stroller and headed for a night out at the park. We had hotdogs. We got to climb on fire trucks. We danced to music. We played a little hide and seek. A perfect end to a busy week. 

And just a few of the random pictures from this past week. Kaden has developed an obsession with yogurt and at each meal time with a spoon in hand, he heads straight for the fridge, pulls up the drawer and finds his yogurt. Not sure how much exactly makes it into his mouth but he seems to have a great time working at it!

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