Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birthday Cuteness!

Happy First Birthday to our dearest Gisele! (Technically, it was yesterday the 4th, but I am a little behind on the post.) Anyways, Gisele was by far the cutest "Minnie Mouse" I have ever seen and is neck and neck with Kaden when it comes to the cutest birthday girl or boy in the world! She not only had the cutest outfit on when we arrived but changed into an equally cute outfit after she got a chance to dive into her cake. We were so thrilled that we were able to be with them on her actual birthday. And as an added bonus, we got to meet Tugce's mom and dad, who had just arrived from Turkey-such sweet people. Even though I don't speak Turkish and her mom doesn't speak English, we communicated perfectly fine and I could see how much she loved her little girls and how happy she was to be with them. I hope they know how much we love their little girls too. Sadly it was a short trip for them to KC and we didn't get enough Garrett Family time but then again when do we ever! As always, tears came when it was time to say good bye and the next month and half can't go fast enough, we can't wait to see you in Minnesota.

Gisele-know how much we love you and if mom and dad tell you no, come talk to us, we can figure something out! Can't wait to watch you grow over the years to come and some way, some how, I will figure out a way to see you more!

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