Saturday, May 7, 2011

In Just 24 Hours

Today has been filled with visitors of all kinds-family, friends and lots of hospital staff and we are counting down the hours until we get to take the little guy home. Our first visitor was probably the most special, Monkey came busting through the door for another look at his little brother. He jumped up on my lap, sat next to his little brother and then 2 minutes later, he was done and over it. Soon after, we  had a visit by the pediatrician's office where Doctor Nelson whisked Logan off for his circumcision and just as he was returning from observation Papa Tom arrived with Papa Richard and Grandma Earl. The hustle and bustle didn't stop there, we had our hearing screen done and btw, my son is an overachiever just like his mommy, passed at the first possible passing mark, the birth certificate lady stopped by, the photographer stopped by and finally my doctor. Logan had his fair share of excitement so when the afternoon came and we only had 2 visitors, we were in rest heaven. Mommy got some much needed sleep while Grandma Sara got some much needed one on one time. Up next, a picnic at the hospital with Kaden and Daddy, they are picking up some pizza and heading in for a little family time. Here a few pictures from the past 24 hours and a couple from his impromptu photo shoot that Mommy just had to buy the CD from. 

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