Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Look For Old Room

It is time. Time for the big reveal of the new formal living room. We still aren't 100% complete, missing a few accessories and a couple floating shelves but that might not get done until after baby arrives... A huge thanks to Mrs. Sarah Jones, her polyvore and vision really came to life and is now our reality. I won't lie, as she was pulling things together, I thought to my myself, "that doesn't go together. is she crazy. she really does this for fun on the side." But I kept my faith and sure enough it all works perfectly together. She truly has an act for interior design, I wish I had half of the talent she has in her little pinky finger!! So without further ado

The before and WAY before (kitchen remodel and paint happened last August.)

and now, what we all have been waiting for-okay, okay, what I have been waiting for-the AFTER.

and the AFTER of the kitchen (I have had a few requests to see the kitchen again).

What is new? What is recycled? What piece traveled the farthest? And what, if anything, stayed put during the redesign?

We can start with the easiest of the questions-what stayed put-the couch. It use to be in our family room but when we bought a new sectional, we moved part of it upstairs. The curtain rod, we just raised it about 24 inches, all the way to the ceiling to add some height to the room.

What was recycled? The mirror on the fireplace, it received a new facelift. The picture near the door, my brothers master piece, it received a new frame and mat. Three of the 5 pillows on the couch, we just bought fabric and had pillow covers made (added zippers so we could wash easily). 

What traveled the most distance? The two pillow cases that sit on the new chairs. They made it all the way from Indonesia-gotta love Etsy!

What is new? Reread the above and anything else, well it was bought. 
-Accessories-purchased at TJMax, Marshals and Home Goods. 
-Curtains-West Elm
-Rug-Pottery Barn but bought on Ebay at a SUPER discount!
-3 brushed nickel frames-Crate and Barrel-Love these and will have to get more!
-2 circle mirrors-Ballards on SUPER discount
-2 AWESOME Chairs-Home Decorators Collection

Again, I only have Sarah to thank for this room. She made it so easy. She did the majority of the shopping and she kept track of what I owed her and I wrote a check. The one, well two, items that I can take partial credit for are the chairs, the show stoppers in the room! We were looking for chairs on CL but after an unsuccessful purchase of Navajo chairs that weren't going to work, I went to the internet in search for the perfect chairs. I finally found what I thought would work and with just a click of a mouse we found that they came in a fabric similar to what Sarah had initially picked out. Done and Done. I couldn't be more excited about how they look in the room! 

On a side note, I have some lovely Navajo chairs for sale if anyone would be interested, all they need is a little bit of fabric and some serious outside the box thinking! 

Up next, hall bathroom and the master bedroom! It may have taken us 6 years and one attempt to sell the house but now, I wouldn't move unless our DREAM house was calling our name. 

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  1. Wow! What a transformation! I and my husband have also decorate our children room with gamers chairs considering firmness in chair for gamers.


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