Sunday, March 13, 2011


And it was to good to be true. I was looking forward to some warmer weather but was hoping it would stay around for longer than one day, but I guess you take what you can get. We decided that once I got home from Chicago on Saturday that we would take Kaden to the Brookside St. Patrick's Day Warm-Up Parade. Scott, Korie and Madi joined us for the fun and we all headed down around 1:45, found a spot we could slip in and out at and enjoyed the warmer weather and some of the parade festivities. Green was everywhere, except on us! I ran into Old Navy looking for a St. Patrick's Day shirt and they were all sold out so we had to forego the green, but then again, this was just a warm up parade and we still had a little time before the real deal.

This was Kaden's first parade. Had we taken him last year, he probably would have screamed the entire time due to the noise from the police vehicles and fire trucks but this year, he loved all the noise. He danced as the cars/floats drove by with music, as the dancers and bands walked by and just about any time he heard music. He laughed at all the dogs that came strutting by and waved back to all the parade participants.  (On a side note-since when did parades involve so many cars instead of floats...kind of miss the old school parades!) Kaden had such a great a time, hopefully it will warm back up and we can head to the REAL St. Patrick's Day Parade next weekend. 

One very well trained doggy!

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