Sunday, March 27, 2011

Truly Blessed

I have been known to refer to my friends as family but that is exactly what they are. They have been there during the HIGHS in my life and the lows. They have allowed me to cry on their shoulders. They have texted me back and forth all night and listened to me ramble. They have seen me get married. They have been there to witness the birth of our first son. Just like family, they have been there. Today was no different. I was told to keep the 27th open, it was going to be just a girls lunch date, just Korie and I. She picked me up and as we were heading to lunch she broke the surprise, we were meeting a few others for lunch and celebrating Logan's arrival. Although I may have thought something was odd about Korie and I's lunch, there weren't huge alarms going off and no one, I mean NO ONE had said anything to me, not even my husband!

We had a wonderful lunch at Jalapenos, one of my favorites and then they showered Logan with a few gifts and lots of love. We haven't really bought anything for Logan since there really hasn't been a need and all of Kaden's clothes are more than enough but now, Logan has a few things that are all his own. He needed a few bibs-check, infant socks-check, newborn diapers-check and then he got a few adorable onesies (in my new favorite colors-grey and yellow) and some wipes. If all of that wasn't enough, they also surprised me with a day at the spa and I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to that massage! No worries, Kaden wasn't left out, Miss Dawn got him and Logan matching shirts (different colors) one reading All Star and the other with Rookie. Like I said, TRULY BLESSED, I couldn't ask for a more exceptional set of girlfriends, MIL and SIL (although she is family, she is still one amazing friend). We, Souths, are so very lucky and fortunate to have each and everyone of you in our life.

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