Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There Is Always A First

And this first, doesn't make this Mommy very happy. Kaden had to "sit out" today at daycare, in other words, he was put in time out. Sir Kaden decided to BITE a little girl's finger! Now, Ms. Brenda wasn't sure if the little girl was poking at him with her finger or if she possibly put her finger in his mouth but nonetheless, it happened and to time out he went. Ms. Brenda said that as soon as she sat him in his time out spot, his little arms shot up to her and he gave her the saddest puppy dog face she had ever seen. She held strong and he made it through his time but as soon as it was over he was up and giving Ms. Brenda a hug. I just cross my fingers, that this was a one time occurrence and that we don't have any more biting issues. Plus who would want this chomper coming at them-SCARY!!

In a few weeks, I will stop traveling for work since we will be getting closer and closer to Logan's due date which also means that Kaden is about to leave the comfort of his crib for his big boy bed. We decided when we were in Milwaukee that getting a video monitor would be a great investment for us (after seeing JG and Tugce's hard at work) since we are hoping Logan will sleep in his crib from day one. I figured that I might as well pick one up sooner rather than later and that we could test it out on Kaden during the transition. Just because there isn't any noise coming from his room, doesn't mean he is asleep and we certainly want to nip any playing in his room at bedtime in the bud from the beginning. I did some research and we decided to go with a Summer Infant model which has a touch video screen and controls that allow you to zoom in, pan the room, and has a baby talk feature that allows us to speak into the monitor and he will hear our voice over the camera-GET BACK TO BED! The video monitor wasn't chump change (even after using a 20% off coupon-Thanks Kor) but I am sure we will get our money worth when it comes to this purchase-the double stroller which we also picked up today, jury is still out on that one. Guess there is always Craigslist if it doesn't come in as handy as we had hoped...

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