Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Littlest Things...

With Justin enjoying the MU vs Texas Tech game at the Sprint Center and Kaden in bed, I figured why not do a load of laundry and get one more thing checked off my list before the weekend. I pulled out some of Kaden's old Newborn and 0-3 month clothes and started sorting through them. Having an 18 month old that is full of energy, that is walking and running everywhere, that sings and dances along to Glee and American Idol, makes it very difficult to believe that he was ever that little. It is even harder to imagine that we will be starting all over in a matter of 8 weeks with Logan. I often find myself wondering about the exact same things that kept me up at night before Kaden arrived and then I remind myself how far we have come with Kaden and he is perfectly healthy. We must have done something right. Along with the usual worries, I also have some big questions. What will Logan look like? Will he look anything like Kaden? Will Logan end up with my blue eyes too or will they go darker like his daddy's? How will Kaden do? Will he feel like we love him less? Will he want to hold his little brother and love on him or will he want nothing to do with him? And what about me? When it comes to loving Kaden, it is off the charts, my heart is filled with so much love, I never dreamed the love you have for your child could be like this. So do I have enough love for Logan too? I am sure the answer is yes, I haven't met the little one yet but I know that my love is already growing and I know that the moment he is placed in my arms that love will only intensify by millions. (I also know that I am probably not the only person who has or have had these feelings.) It won't be long and we will be heading to the hospital to become a family of four and while part of me might miss spending all my time with just Kaden, the other part of me, can't wait to complete our family. I also know that we couldn't have given Kaden a more perfect gift than a little brother.

Kaden's coming home really did fit at one time!

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