Sunday, March 20, 2011


Except these weren't 'all invisible set in little ice cube blocks' and the tops weren't diamond and the bottoms weren't gold. These grillz were the real deal-or at least one of them was. With it being a gorgeous day out we figured it was time for our first cookout. The kind where you not only get to eat from the grill but also sit on the deck and enjoy the weather. The kind where music is on, drinks are in hand (tea for me and of course it was from Sonic) and the kiddo is running around, not only wearing himself out but the poor dogs which he is chasing. Is this weather to good to be true, is it finally here to stay? Hopefully but if not, at least we got today.

While the grill warmed up, we pulled out Kaden's picnic table, his slide, four wheeler and the grill he received for Christmas from Adam, Becky and Cousin Colton. (Kaden always seems to get so many things for Christmas or his birthday so we try and put a few back for days like this!) Kaden played and played with his grill and just like he does with everything else, he mimicked everything his Daddy did on the grill. Houston, we might have another chef on our hands. The highlight of the evening came when I was able to catch both boys hard at work. It is safe to say that this is my FAVORITE kind of day and I can't wait to spend the rest of summer just like this.

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  1. that is probably the cutest thing I've seen yet! I love love love that grill!!


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