Friday, March 4, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys

Tonight was going to be fun, Cousin Colton was coming over to play while his mommy and daddy went to a friends house for dinner. We started out with a little homemade pizza but quickly moved to the family room where they played basketball, kicked balls, and chased the dogs. Although the night would have continued perfectly, Justin came up with a great idea to make the night even better, ice cream! We moved the extra car seat over to the Tahoe, loaded the boys up and we were on our way to Glace. It was divide and conquer once we arrived-I took Colton, Justin had Kaden-a great trial run for what is to come in a few months! The boys loved their ice cream (more on Glace later). Once at home we got the boys ready for bed and since Kaden wasn't really wanting to put his shirt on, we left Colton's off too. They thought it was pretty fun to run around and show off their non-existant muscles. Since it was a special occasion, we let the boys stay up a little later than normal but when it was time for bed, it didn't take too long before they were both out. You can just tell they are going to be the best of friends throughout their lives.

Now what is Glace? Glace is artisan ice cream and it is delicious. Glace is owned by Christopher Elbow who also has a chocolate store called Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Chris is Justin's cousin's husband and does amazing things with desserts. The ice cream in which Colton and I had was called Peanut Butter and Jelly and it tasted as though I was biting into a PBJ sandwich, bread and all. The flavors you will find at Glace are not your ordinary flavors-salted pretzel, creamed corn, blackberry chocolate chip, banana foster, and so many more. Chris doesn't carry each flavor every day, they are rotated and new ones are created all the time. Check out Glace here and Christopher Elbow Chocolates here. You will fall in love!

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