Saturday, February 26, 2011

Room by Room

With 10 weeks left until Logan arrives, we figured it was time to get moving on the rooms. Grandma Sara came up early Friday afternoon and immediately went to work on painting Kaden's new room. It has been a lovely creamish peach since we moved in and although Kaden is too young to care about his room color, I figured there was no better time to change it up than now. We went with the color, Ashes and thankfully it looks 100% better than it did. Although, we still have a few things in which need to be done-curtains, shelves for the walls, moving of the clothes and such, we are getting closer to having both rooms complete! But Kaden's room wasn't the only room getting a little bit of a facelift, while Grandma Sara painted the room, I put up the decal in the nursery. I had been dreading this for months since there were so many parts and pieces but it was actually a very easy process and didn't take long at all. It is amazing what one can get done in a hard half day of work with no 18 month old running around blabbing as though he is instructing you on what you need to do next! Have no fear though, Kaden got to join in on some of the fun too and supervised the touching up we did today. Thanks for all your hard work Grandma Sara, we really appreciate it and love you so much!!

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