Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Baby Has A Baby

With Logan's arrival being only 12ish weeks away, we are trying to figure out how to prepare a very curious and busy 17 month old for his world to be turned sideways. (Keeping our fingers crossed that his world isn't turned completely upside down since he is only 17 months and may not realize that the new norm is here to stay.) We figured what better way for Kaden to practice being a big brother than with his very own baby! Even if Kaden doesn't take interest in the baby now-currently he just wants to make sure the pacifier is in his mouth-he will when Logan gets here. He will have his very own little baby to do all the things that Mommy does with Logan-feeding (this one could be interesting to see), rocking, changing, and giving a bath. Hopefully this will be a helpful tool in our transition from an only child to a big brother.

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