Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Early Birthday To Me!

My husband is not one to give gifts early. In fact he often gets upset at me because I can never seem to wait to give him his birthday present or Christmas gifts, I have to give it to him as soon as he walks through the door. To my surprise, I walk in from work tonight and notice some very lovely flowers on the kitchen island and thought to myself-how sweet of him. Now, I am not one for spending a lot of money on flowers and since my birthday always falls around Valentine's Day, flower prices are jacked sky high and I tend to get upset if I get flowers, what a waste of money. So when I noticed that they were from our local grocery store, I was one happy girl.  I really didn't think anything more about it since Justin brings flowers home often and then I saw the box. A big, silver box with a silver ribbon tied around it. I knew it was mine but was he really going to let me open it 6 days before my birthday? How could I possibly wait!?!? But then he let me out of my misery and I ripped into the present. I had to be smiling from ear to ear after seeing what he and Kaden got for me. I am one very lucky girl.

Dents in the box are compliments of Kaden. He wanted to add his special touch.

Now the story behind the gift. My boss has a bag like this, actually the exact bag, a work and baby bag all in one and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I spent the next few weeks looking at it on the website, looking at other work/diaper bag combo options and sent a few links to Justin to let him know what I was hoping to receive for my birthday/valentines/we are having another boy present. Secretly, I was hoping he would choose this bag, either in black or plum, and was hoping my subtle hints were being received! It wasn't two days ago that I was talking to my boss and asked how she liked the bag and she loves it, the perfect catch all bag for a career mom. Best thing, it is so cute but it doesn't hurt that it is durable and HUGE.  So it should certainly handle the job of lugging around everything we need for two little boys!! Was I shocked I got a new bag, no but I was stoked to see that it was the one I was keeping my fingers crossed for! Needless to say, the Coach purse has been emptied and all items have been transferred to my new bag!! LOVE IT!!

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