Monday, February 7, 2011

Glucose, Schmucose.

Today I had the pleasure of drinking the most wonderful drink known to mankind, that is if you like the drink-this-in-5-to-10-minutes-and-don't-mind-the-wanting-to-throw-up-part drink! Yes, it was glucose time and I was bound and determined that on this go around this would be the first and last time. I had a 10 o'clock appointment so I stopped eating early last night and then didn't have anything for breakfast, I was off to a good start. Pulled the wonderfully, tasty lemon-lime drink from the fridge, read the directions and took off the cap and took a swig. How did I ever manage to get through this twice before?  If it weren't for the wellbeing of Logan,  I would just say I drank it and call it a day but I didn't, I charged ahead and finished the drink in about 6 minutes. I instantly thought was I was going to get sick and proceeded to the bathroom but I somehow managed to keep it down. I arrived at my appointment, still feeling queasy but still more determined than ever, I only had 20 minutes left. Then it happened, the room instantly felt like a hot, sweltering sauna and I took a be-line for the bathroom.  The game was over. 45 minutes down, 15 left and I just couldn't do it. Lucky me, I get to try and do it all on Wednesday again. 

Needless to say, I wasn't off to the best start this morning but hopefully that would change with our sonogram. Not to go into too much detail for those of you that don't want to hear baby lingo,  but for those wondering, I will try and break it down quickly by using code "letters".  Our first sonogram showed a very low "p" that was blocking my "c". Since we can't deliver the "p" before the baby, they wanted to do another sonogram to see if "p" would move up on its own. This is actually very common and most "p's" get the hell out of the way and in our case, that is exactly what it did. The scan looked perfect, the tech kept saying it was such a beautiful scan and kept exploring for more looks at Logan. We are measuring right on track, weight was 2 pounds 4 ounces which is in the 55th percentile and we are right on the normal curve with all measurements! Logan was a good little patient today, he allowed us to verify that he was indeed a "he" and he even gave us a great big yawn. (Hopefully you can see it in the picture below.)

Although I have to do the glucose test again, we couldn't have asked for better results for our sonogram and in this case, we will take the 1-1 tie!

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