Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Kid Spoiled?

Excuse me, but did I just hear you correctly?? On Tuesday I had to run home for a day to see someone very dear, someone that I am just not ready to talk about yet but in time will. While at home, the subject of my child being spoiled came up, actually my father happily provided this tid bit of information and proceeded to explain all the ways in which he was spoiled. He wears Air Jordans, his clothing (from what he sees) are all name brand, his toys are overflowing in our family room and so forth and so forth. He did admit that there was nothing wrong with this because he does have a good balance but that it was pretty safe to say he was spoiled. By his definition, us kids were all spoiled too but he would have a hard time admitting that one, according to him, he doesn't spoil anyone!

So maybe I buy the majority of Kaden's clothes from Gymboree, Children's Place or Baby Gap but he also has clothes from Target and Carter's. Maybe he does own a pair of Air Jordan's but how else do you expect a kid to live and breathe basketball from day one. And maybe his toys are overflowing but 75% were either Christmas presents from this year, last year or birthday gifts and there could have been a lot more but instead of giving Kaden more toys that would just sit, we donated over 30 toys and money to a local organization for all their little kids.

Yes, my child is fortunate and we are lucky to provide him with everything he needs and a few of the wants but but we don't give him just anything and that is more than I can say for what my Dad is doing now with his 'kids'! Pretty sure this isn't setting the best example...

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