Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Space? Yes, Please!

If there is anything in which we need, it is more space. Our house has plenty of living space but when it comes to bedrooms, we have three. Sure we will have two kids come May, making a total of 4 of us and frankly that is all the 'bed'rooms we need but what about visitors?!? Where would they sleep? I doubt they would want to hang out on the couch, no matter how comfortable it may be and even if they were okay with it, I certainly am not.

Enter our new plan-a daybed. I wanted to find something that could grow with our family and that would be timeless. That Kaden could possibly use or that would fit perfectly into our future office/guest room in our dream home.  I was on a mission. I scoured multiple websites and then finally ran across West Elm and they were having a SALE. I love sales so I pulled out the measuring tape and verified that the bed would fit in multiple spots and clicked through the multiple pages to make the purchase. The bed is ours and it will go right next to Kaden's race car bed. What a lovely pair they will make. Luck for us, the room has plenty of space due to some wonderful built-in cabinets, so this should work out perfectly.

One item on the Before-Baby-Boy-South-Arrives-To-Do-List checked off, now onto the closets-this should be interesting.

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