Saturday, January 29, 2011


Since I have a lot of different topics to blog about and no one individual topic really holds the potential of a full blown post, I figured I would give you a hodgepodge of what is happening with the Souths.

1. Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad. With Kaden it was Chili Cheese Coneys from Sonic and this time around with Logan it is a Buffalo Fried Chicken Salad, I could eat one for each meal of the day but let it be known, I don't. Other cravings have been chocolate milk shakes and cereal, mainly Fruit Loops but I am trying to cut back on the Fruit Loops for some still tasty Honey Nut Cheerios. The weight hasn't accumulated as quickly as it did with Kaden but I am still a little over where I would like to be so we will see if I can give up a few of those chocolate shakes too!

2. Home Improvements. Over the last year, Justin and I have done a lot of updates to the house-a brand new kitchen, refinished hardwood floors, new carpet, new paint in kitchen and family room, new windows and some new furniture. After pulling all extra furniture out of the formal living area we decided not to put anything back on the walls until we knew for sure what we wanted. Fast forward a few months, more like 6 or so, and the walls are still blank and with the baby coming, mom would like to get it finished so I have enlisted some help. A very dear co-worker of mine came over this week, took pictures and has now been on the hunt for items that will fit her vision and what a vision it is! It will be so exciting to see everything she does and watch it all come together!

2b. Home Depot. May have just won us as a customer for life. A few weeks ago I attempted to alter the closet in our master bedroom, we needed more space for my clothes to move in. I searched online for some new closet systems and found one that I thought would be perfect for our need. Justin bought it, I unpacked it and started to go to work on assembling. Read step 1-I got this. Read step 2-I still got this. Read step 3 and 4-What did they just say? Reread steps 3 and 4 and this time more carefully-was that in Japanese? Picked up the phone and called my handy BIL, he stopped by and he made the decision, even before reading the instructions that what we had bought wasn't going to work. It didn't even fit!! So I hauled it all back down, boxed it up and today we attempted to take it back all duct taped up with no receipt. Justin thought there was no way in hot-boiling-lava-land that they would take it back plus give us our money back instead of store credit but they showed him. No questions asked and handed us the cash right back. (We were able to pull the receipt from his debit card. What a fancy little trick they can do!) We thanked them and continued onto our next project, paint. We bought two samples of paint, hazy skies and ashes. They are up on Kaden's wall and now we just have to figure out which we like best....suggestions?

3. Logan's Nursery. We always knew that if had another little boy that we wouldn't change anything major in the nursery, we would just make simple changes. We decided to start by removing the pictures above the current crib and replace them with a wall decal. This will be my first attempt at a wall decal but if it turns out like the picture (do they ever?) then it will be perfect. We actually just got it in the mail today and I am thinking that my evening just got busy.

4. Besties. We didn't really have any plans for Friday so we thought we could head out to Adam and Becky's and allow the boys to run, jump and play and more importantly wear themselves out for a nice, peaceful night of sleep. Worked like a charm, Kaden didn't want to get up until 7:30 which is a win in the South House.

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