Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Having a hard time...

A lot has gone on this past week and one would think I would have so much to blog about but truth is-I am in a rut. The passing of my grandfather has been extremely hard for our family and I feel I owe him an extraordinary post to let everyone know what an amazing person he was but the words just aren't anywhere to be found...yet. I have made a few attempts and nothing seems to be good enough so until I am able to find those words, we will just give a quick post with lots of pictures.

Kaden and I have were able to go home on Saturday and spent the last 5 days with family. With such a large family-7 kids, 21 grandkids and 27 great-grandkids (4 more cooking), we hardly have a day in which over half of the family is able to get together. But this week, we had almost everyone and although we hated the circumstances, we cherished the time together. I like to think Grandpa had some master plan because we all know how "busy" life can get and we all say that we will make time but when that time comes, we have tripled booked ourselves and family will understand... Well, Grandpa wasn't having it any longer and wanted to remind us all, how lucky we are to have one another. Thanks Grandpa, we needed that reminder.

When we left KC on Saturday the sky was grey and gloomy but the closer and closer to home we got, the clouds opened up and the sun shined through.

Cousins-Matthew (12 months), Luke (6 1/2 months) and Kaden (16 months). What you don't see are all the monkeys hooping and hollering in the background to try and capture their attention. Wish I had a picture of them!

My marshmallow puff! Kaden was zonked out on our way to visitation. Side note-my sister took this while I drove, there was no operating the camera and driving done!

 The Earl Family:

 Couldn't resist sharing this photo! Kaden has become quite the cheese ball!

 The Hartley Family:

My sister and her kiddos. Blake wouldn't smile when the camera was on but the moment you were done, he was all smiles-stink pot!

Four More. We have four more great-grandkids that will be born within 8 weeks of one another. The first around the middle of the March and the last by the end of May.

Kaden saying "cheese". I thought a few weeks ago it was hard to capture his picture but now he makes the "cheese" face and it is even more impossible. Hopefully he will be out of this phase by March when we get his 18 month pictures!

Grandma Sara and Kaden created a new game and the laughter that came out of this was PRICELESS.

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