Saturday, January 1, 2011

Farewell Twenty Ten

The past couple of years have held some very big milestones for Justin and I. 2007 we got engaged. 2008 we got married. 2009 we had Kaden. 2010 we took a break and just lived. I guess a break would be an understatement because Twenty Ten was probably one of the most rewarding years we have had.

We started the year off with a 4 month old...

Kaden was just learning to roll over and had just received his first taste of solid food-rice cereal. Sitting up, crawling, walking, table food, whole milk, sippie cups-were just dreams. Dreams that I never thought would arrive but before you knew it, Kaden had mastered sitting and was on to the next thing. Thank goodness for blogs, pictures, and videos because if not for these things, I would have a hard time believing just how much Kaden has learned and grown over the last year. Who knows what 2011 will bring to the table for us but I know it will be filled with just as many milestones and memories as this past year was but before we dive right in to Twenty Eleven, 2010 deserves a proper farewell and a quick recap of a few of the best moments.
  • In March, Justin and I got to celebrate our 2nd anniversary with a trip to Mexico, just the two of us.
  • Kaden's first Royals game.
  • Babies, Babies, Babies and all GIRLS
    • June 4th-Gisele Merele Garrett, our beautiful God Daughter
    • July 23rd-Madisyn Renee Johnson, Kaden's future bride
    • November 26th-Sophie Ann Berberich, Kaden's future MU classmate
  • Birthdays
    • Jason and Tiffany's 30th Birthday in Chicago
    • Cousin Colton turned 1
    • Kaden's First Birthday
    • Uncle Adam turns 40
  • First Family Vacation to Milwaukee to see the Garretts. We had the best hosts during our stay. We visited the Harley Museum, Milwaukee's Zoo, caught a Brewers game and ate at some of the best local restaurants.
  • US Baseball Tour-2010 kicked off our tour. Each year we will be taking Kaden to a new baseball stadium and we were able to check 3 off this year, 2 with Kaden.
    • Kansas City-Kaufmann Stadium
    • Chicago-Wrigley Field
    • Milwaukee-Miller Park
  • Kaden takes his first steps and becomes a full time walker. Life just got a little more interesting. 
  • Putting the house up for sale only to take it off the market 4 months later and completely renovated the kitchen, put in new windows, new carpet and redid the hardwood floors. 
  • Kaden's Baptism
  • It's Blue-We're pregnant and its a BOY.
And just like we started 2010, we ended it with a bubbly 16 month old. We can't wait to watch him take on his new role as big brother in Twenty Eleven. 

They become mobile and it becomes so hard to get a good picture!!

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