Saturday, January 29, 2011

BB in Training

A special shout out to Miss Sophie for allowing Kaden to get in a few hours of Big Brother Training in. Since the guys were having a guys night out, Tiffany and Sophie came over for a little play time. Not only did Kaden allow me to hold and love on Sophie, he too got his first chance at holding her. He did such a great job-he was gentle with her, attentive to her and most importantly wasn't bouncing off the walls around her. Anytime he came close to her, he was very calm and it was so sweet and endearing to see. Let's just hope that when Baby Logan arrives that Kaden is just as happy and loving with him as he was with Sophie tonight.

Homely and Ornery. Makes me want to take scissors to that mop!

 I can't wait until I have a picture like this with my two boys. 

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