Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Am An Addict.

I might need a 12 step program when it comes to my newest addiction-ETSY. I admit it, I have a problem and I need help but I love ETSY and I just can't stop perusing the endless pages of handmade items! At first, it just started as a place I would go to and find something simple, the mother's necklace in which I now wear, a rosary for my Godson, and a few shirts for Kaden's birthday party but those purchases occurred over a number of months but now that it is Christmas, I am out of control. My goal this year was to try and find very personal gifts-enter Etsy and soon after my addiction. For a little over a week now it's like Christmas has come early for me. I arrive home from work and see a new box at the front door and I just can't wait to tear into it and see how the gift turned out. And now, I can't wait to wrap them all back up and watch my family and friends open them. I certainly hope they get the same feeling I got when opening them up to check and see if everything came just as I imagined. And for those of you who are reading this and might happen to get one of these gifts, if you don't like it, FAKE IT! You might truly break my heart! All kidding aside, ETSY has been fantastic, I accomplished over 75% of my Christmas shopping using their site and almost 90% of my shopping was done online in one fashion or another. Getting out and fighting the crowds, well that is a thing of the past! Isn't technology just wonderful!

The necklace I ordered with Kaden's name and DOB on it. Gotta add another tag soon!

Colton's Rosary, I love the initial option!

The mother necklace we got Aunt Becky for her birthday. 

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