Saturday, December 25, 2010

He Got Me.

Every Christmas Eve we celebrate with the entire Hartley family-aunts, uncles, cousins-the works. We gathered this year at Scott and Kelly's again and enjoyed some delicious potato soup, vegetable beef soup and chili. When Grandma Hartley was still alive, our dinners were much more involved. She would call and ask each family member what they wanted to have at dinner and EACH year, my answer was the same-SHRIMP COCKTAIL. She never failed, shrimp made the cut, as did everyone else's request, no matter how unique or bizarre. What a lady. Since her passing, shrimp has remained a staple. Although Christmas at the Hartleys' will never be the same without her, she remains EVERYWHERE.

Before we did the gift exchange, Papa Richard had a special gift for each grandchild. He handed us a bag and said "This is from Grandma, she would want you to have it." (The waterworks started here.) We opened our sacks to find a bunny. A bunny? Grandma didn't have these at her house and then it hit us all. The bunnies were wearing a vest made from some of the clothing in which grandma wore during the last months of her life. I got pieces of the pink robe in which she wore as she sat in her wheelchair at the table going through the paper or ads telling Papa Richard what he needed to buy and stock up on, pork and beans and jello were certainly on that list. We all then learned that the entire bunny was made from her clothing, down to every last stitch. This may just be one of the best, if not the best Christmas gift I have ever received.

I know it was hard for Papa Richard to let go of these pieces of Grandma so I hope he will be able to find comfort in just how much this means to me.

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