Sunday, December 26, 2010

Found It!

And it fits! As we were pulling together all the clothes we needed for today's game, Justin ran across a stocking hat in which he purchased for Kaden last year but at the time it was just a tad too big. (I know what you are thinking-Yes, Kaden has a HUGE noggin but it still was just a little big and would fall over his eyes but not anymore.) He immediately took it from Justin's hand, put it on and there it stayed until bedtime. The first thing he did when he woke up, picked it back up and on his head it went again. Daddy couldn't be more proud, he got his life long Chiefs' buddy and couldn't stop talking about bringing Kaden and Baby Boy South #2 to their first Chiefs' games. Hearing him talk about the future and his plans with his boys brings the biggest smile to my face and makes me realize just how fortunate and lucky we are. I think I might do just fine coming home to my THREE boys.

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