Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally, We meet...

Since we have all been under the weather we had to keep waiting and waiting to meet Little Sophie. I couldn't wait to get my hands on that little girl. Partly because we have watched Tiffany and Jason prepare for her arrival over the last ten months and partly because there is just something about having a little new life in your arms and thinking about the day we get to meet and hold our #2.

The Walshes picked up Waldo Pizza and we met them over at the Berberiches for the Chiefs game. What better way to say hello to Sophie than during a very intense and very important Chiefs game. No matter the noise level, she wasn't phased and just kept sleeping away the afternoon. Kaden on the other hand was in new territory and was ready to explore. Dog bowl-Check, Breast pump-Check, Breast pump part in Diaper Champ-Check and Check, Bloody nose-Check! It was quiet the first half with the little one and with the Chiefs but at half time it was time to rest and the perfect time to get a few pictures in. Daddy Jason got Sophie dressed in her Chiefs gear (she looks much cuter in the Chiefs shirt than in that darn KU stuff) and the cameras came out.

After the bloody nose, at least he is happy!

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