Sunday, November 21, 2010

Riddle me this...

What is white AND just as messy as spaghetti??

Mashed Potatoes! And he loved them as much as the spaghetti!

This weekend was a pretty low key weekend, just want mommy and daddy ordered. We started the weekend off with a girls night, Jennifer came over for movie night while the boys went out for a lively night. Saturday brought a very lazy morning, a quick trip to Town Center to see Grandma Sara and then it was off to PF Chang's for dinner with the Johnson Family. We were told we would be sat at a table so that monkey would have a highchair but we got a booth and monkey got a booster. Now, I look forward to the day in which we are able to use a booster and he knows how to sit still but until that day, we will gladly take a highchair. We need something to confine this wild and crazy 14 month old! Considering what we were working with, Kaden did a great job and really seemed to enjoy his chicken lo-mein. We will definitely being going back!

On Sunday, Mommy and Kaden started the morning off with a play-date at Little Monkey Bizzness. I was a little worried about letting him run and play with the bigger kids so we went down a couple slides and then made our way over to the infant/toddler area. Here Kaden was able to run and climb on wedges, ride a duck, and crawl through tunnels. Much more his speed and made mommy much more at ease. We were home in time for the Chiefs game and then settled in for a good afternoon nap. Once we were up, we headed outside to enjoy a little bit of the nice fall weather in KC. Kaden loved "running" in the leaves and for some reason, loves to be in our neighbor's yard and cries if you bring him back into his own yard to play. A little strange but who am I to judge. Here are a few pictures from our low key weekend while we rested up for a family filled Thanksgiving week.

Mommy's little helper.

"Now you see it."

"Now you don't! Man, I'm good!"

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