Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby South Update

All is well in the kangaroo pouch with our little joey. We had our 14 week check up and the little one was squirming like crazy but after a few minutes we were able to get our hands on the heartbeat, a steady 155, just like Big Brother Kaden. With Kaden, it seemed to take forever until I noticed some type of fluttering, butterfly squirming or bubbling but with this one, I feel it often. With Kaden, I thought all day long about everything and anything baby related, couldn't get it off of my mind but with this one, the thoughts are far and in between with a 15 month old on the loose. With Kaden, it took till about week 16 or 17 to really get the "bump" but with this one, the bump has already made an appearance and the pants are already being undone! With Kaden, everything tasted good and I had some great cravings but with this one, I often find myself thinking about what else I can have instead. On the flip side, with Kaden, I packed on the weight, not sure where I was at 14 weeks but with this one, I know I am not even close to where I was. So we take the good with the bad and just hope for a healthy little joey. We have another appointment at week 18 and then hope to find out around week 20 what we are having but anyone that knows me, knows I might not be able to wait until then and we just might be making an appointment at Belly Images over the next few weeks. Then the question becomes, can I keep a secret from everyone until Christmas? Doubt it! But I just need to know if the naming is going to fall on me or will Justin be taking it off of my hands. It's a big responsibility to name your kiddo and I am just not sure I am ready to take all that on myself. Might be nice to have Justin make the decision...or not. We shall see.

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