Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And we wait...

We must wait until the 23rd of December, Christmas Eve's Eve before finding out if we have an X chromosome or a Y chromosome in the kangaroo pouch. Our next appointment is actually on the 10th of December and although they said we could find out then if we wanted to, we would more than likely still have to come back and do another sonogram at 20 weeks. So we discussed it, and decided just to wait. The first time around when we found out we were having a boy, we also discovered a ecogenic foci, small shadow on his heart. We were told that we would go for a level two sonogram with a perinatologist for precautionary reasons. Our doctor felt there wasn't anything to be concerned about since everything else was measuring out just perfectly but it was better to be safe and get the second opinion. So we waited and we waited for two weeks before being able to confirm that everything was right on track with development and that we were in the clear. And those two weeks were two of the longest weeks of our lives. So although things might look good on our 18th week appointment and there might be a chance we wouldn't have to come, we aren't taking the risk of hearing "we need you to come back". So we will be patient and wait till the 23rd of December and hope that all is still well in the kangaroo pouch. And it will make for a pretty sweet Christmas present!

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