Saturday, October 2, 2010

Until 2011...

Back in April at Kaden's first Royal's game we signed him up for the Blue's Crew and since Kaden is now a member, he received 4 free tickets to Thursday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The weather was too perfect not to drive out and enjoy the game so we loaded up and headed out to The K. We arrived a little early to have a stadium hotdog and to walk around the ballpark a little and ended up finding our seats just as the National Anthem started. Luckily, we had 4 seats so Kaden got to have his own big boy seat and he seemed to really enjoy that! This kid loves to be outside and has just recently started throwing fits anytime we bring him inside, so being at the ballpark was a win for him. We made it to the 5th inning and thought it was time to get on home so the little guy could get to bed on time. We will miss The K dearly, but we'll be back in 2011!

But mom...

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