Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Spider TOO cute to STEP on!

I might be biased but Kaden was possibly the cutest little spider that I have ever laid eyes on and although it won't make me think twice about killing/stepping on the next spider I see, it might make me feel a little worse about it. 

We started off the day spending a little time with the Johnson Family and getting our Madi fix. Kaden was so sweet around Madi. He rocked her while she was in her bouncy seat. He brought her a blanket to cover her up with. Any time she cried (which wasn't often), he would come over with a curious expression on his face. He is going to make a great big brother! After the Chiefs game we headed out for our Halloween Adventure. 

We weren't quite sure how Kaden would do this year or if he would even understand what to do but by house 5 he had the gig down. Jump out of the wagon, walk/run up to the front porch, hold out your candy bucket and then right back to the wagon and on to the next house. Just like last year we went trick-or-treating with Cousin Colton in his neighborhood and even got to walk through a haunted house! The boys were a little hesitant about going through so we ended up carrying them but they did manage to walk out on their own. After touring the neighborhood, we helped hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters and then loaded up and came on home. It was a big day for such a little guy but he kept on crawling!

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