Sunday, October 24, 2010

Look before you CUT

That is exactly what Grandma Sara should have done but she didn't. As soon as Kaden and I arrived back home to see Grandma Sara and Papa Tom, two things happened. One, Papa Tom brought out the M&Ms to try and win Kaden over. Two, Grandma Sara got out the new toy she had bought for Kaden, a remote control cement mixer. She pulled the scissors out and started cutting what she thought was the cord which kept the truck in the box but instead she cut the power cord and Papa Tom then spent the next 45 minutes pulling the truck apart and trying to fix it. Some might call it Karma since Papa Tom brought the M&Ms out and then had to work on fixing the truck, some would just call it LOVE!

After we successfully got the remote control truck working, Officer Hartley, aka Uncle Zack came by to have dinner with us. And yet again, the M&Ms came out to bribe Kaden to sit on his lap. I think my son might have a weakness for chocolate!! 

It was to bed early since Saturday was going to packed full of family, football and fun! We got up early and made some Rice Krispy Treats. We got the idea from the oh so cute commercial but it didn't quite go as smoothly as we had hoped. I might have added too many marshmallows but Kaden didn't seem to mind one bit. After we got a quick bath we were headed down to Bentonville to watch Cousin Brett play some football and play did he! He had an awesome fumble recovery and their team won with seconds left on the clock. After a quick celebration it was back to Carthage to get ready for the big MU game. Some family and friends came over to join in on cheering MU to victory and Kaden got to play with a few of his cousins. It was pretty special to see Kaden and Maddox playing with the same tractors in which Zack and I played with when we were little. Okay so I might have been a little bit of a tomboy. Normally Kaden's bedtime is around 8 but with all the cheers and high-fiving that was happening, the little guy made it until almost 10 but missed the best part of the game-the WIN! It was a pretty good weekend for football. Brett won, MU won and we finished it off with a Chiefs win! 

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