Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Kaden has developed an obsession with turning the TV off and on, off and on, off and then back on. And while in the beginning it was pretty cute, it has since gotten PLAIN OLD and not the least bit cute. We know Kaden understands the word "no" but does he understand the consequences of his actions, probably not but our doctor assured us that he will with a little bit of time. At first, the bottom stair was our official "time out zone" but we soon realized that it was too close to the TV and if Glee was on he just sat there and danced-certainly not the "punishment" we were looking for. And then the light bulb went off-where was the Bumbo? This would be perfect, it was an actual "seat" and he was a little bigger now so it might take some actual work for him to get out of-GENIUS, I might say! We moved the Bumbo over to the wall and tonight we were tested it out 3 times. I am sure he doesn't understand a lick of it after only one night but I do believe he will catch on rather quickly with the rate we are going at!! Now, by the looks of the below pictures, it may seem as though Kaden loves his Bumbo. Truth is, we let him play with it for awhile before we had to start time out. These are of Kaden trying to figure out what exactly this "new" thingy is...

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