Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank You x Infinity

In July, I wrote a post about 'One LITTLE girl needing BIG prayers' and today I want to provide you with a little update on Miss Lottie Mae but to also say THANK YOU to all my friends and family who showed their love and support to the Leukemia and Lymphomas Society by donating to my on walk in honor of her.

I had a personal goal of $500.00 to raise in honor of Miss Lottie for the walk and with the help of such dear friends and family, I surpassed my goal and raised $590.09!! And what's even better is the firm in which I work for is a very big supporter of LLS and every year we participate in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night. This year we have over 200 walkers sign up and raised over $87,000.00 as a firm, which is $17,000.00 over our team goal. What an amazing out pour of generosity and love.

We had a great FALL evening for the walk and the number of people who showed up and participated was pretty amazing. Kaden, Daddy, Brodi and I met up with Aunt Becky and Cousin Colton and we all made it through the entire 3 mile walk. The little guy was very tired by the end but he managed to stay awake. He did not want to miss a beat. As we made the halfway turn, we noticed that some walkers were just starting out! The line of walkers stretched over a mile and a half. I tried to get some pictures of all the walkers but the camera didn't want to cooperate in the dark and we didn't want to get trampled on to fix the setting so you will just  have to use your imagination. I am not sure if there was a better way to spend our Friday night and I am very thankful for times like this when you can be reminded of what is really important in life. Again, a big thank you for all the support and a bigger thank you to Miss Lottie Mae for letting me walk in her honor. You are an inspiration to all! 

Now for how she is doing. Miss Lottie celebrated her 3rd birthday at home with friends and family. She got a very cool Ford F150 Powerwheel and from what I hear, it was difficult to get her off of it! She continues to be in remission but still makes her weekly trips to KC (if her levels are high enough) for chemo. As a side-effect to the chemo, Miss Lottie Mae was starting to lose her hair and was fed up with it falling out. So she had it shaved off. She might just be one of the cutest bald headed kiddos I have ever laid eyes on!! She continues to impress all her doctors and nurses with her strength and determination. 

We all can certainly learn a lesson from this little girl on how to LIVE! We will continue to send our thoughts and prayers in her direction as she continue her road to complete recovery. We love you! 

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