Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Year Later and Rainy...

Last year at this time we were heading down to the Plaza Art Fair to enjoy some great art, fun music, good food and great weather. This year instead of dodging the sun like we did last year, we got to dodge the rain! The Walshes met us out for a wonderful dinner at Jalapenos and although we had planned on going to the plaza all along, we decided it would be a game time decision. Our very own, Gary Lezak (Jake) pulled up the radar and informed us that we were good to go, the rain had passed. We found the first valet and pulled in. After getting out of our vehicles we noticed that Kaden was the smartest one of us all, he had 3 layers of clothes on and a blanket-where were our jackets and then we saw it, North Face was right in front of us. We jumped in, got sweatshirts and we were on our way, in the rain and all. It sprinkled throughout the night but nothing that was too heavy or too annoying. Had Kaden been upset or not enjoying himself, we would have loaded right back up and left but the kiddo was loving the live music and was fascinated at watching all the people walk by. By 8:30 my jeans were soaked and my feet were cold, it was time to head home. Hopefully next year we have a little bit nicer weather so we can enjoy a few more of the festivities but it is nice to know that a little bit of rain doesn't keep you from having a good time.

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