Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A lot of firsts happened on our wonderful Labor Day weekend trip to see the Garretts. Kaden's first airplane ride. Kaden's first belly dancer. Our first Turkish food. Kaden becoming a full time walker. And we all got to visit Miller Park for the first time together. The weather was beautiful and the agenda was packed full of a few of Milwaukee's Bests.

Justin and I had thought it would be nice to have an extra pair of hands for the trip since it would be Kaden's first plane ride so we invited my nephew, Brett. Brett lives 3 hours south of us so luckily Papa Tom met me in Nevada on Thursday for the hand off. It was early to bed on Thursday because our flight left at 7:30 am on Friday morning, putting us in Milwaukee just before nine. The big boys went and golfed while the kiddos and mommies got caught up on some much needed sleep. After a relaxing day, we headed to Tulip which served Turkish food and happened to have a belly dancer which Kaden wasn't able to take his eyes off of except for when it came time to take a picture with her.

Saturday we headed to the Harley Museum with the Evil Knievel exhibit, followed up by a night at Dave and Busters. Kaden and Gisele were perfect kiddos all day long. They both enjoyed being pushed around in their strollers, ate like champs and enjoyed the music. Okay, so Kaden enjoyed the music while Gisele slept.

On Sunday we decided to enjoy the weather outside and took a tour of the Milwaukee County Zoo. The zoo was more than we expected, it had a great monkey exhibit and Kaden loved watching the gorillas. The bears, lions and tigers-OH MY-were all very active since it was nice and cool outside. On Sunday night we headed out for some local Mexican and Kaden continued his dancing ways. I think Spanish music might just get his hips moving the most!

We were all very sad for Monday to come since we knew it was our last day of fun but we ended our stay with a bang at Miller Park. We had the best seats and food in the place. We sat at the right field wall at  Friday's Front Row. The kids were able to sit in highchairs and we were able to enjoy the game, food and each other. I am not sure if there is any other way to take in a ballgame with kids! And on a side note-we aren't Cardinal fans but it doesn't seem to matter what ballpark we are at this year, they are in town playing. Cubs vs. Cardinals and Brewers vs. Cardinals. ICK! 

It was early to bed on Monday for our early flight out this morning. Justin took Brett back to my parents while I got the house pulled back together and laundry started. Kaden and I also got to drop off the donations from his birthday bash at Operation Breakthrough-they were so excited and thrilled to receive new toys for the kids. 

A few extra observations on our trip: 
  • Kaden is a huge fan of Brett and Brett even was able to hold him while I was standing right there and anyone that has read my blog, knows that doesn't happen.
  • Brett is such a great nephew. He was a huge help and just a pleasure to have with us. My sister has certainly done something right when it comes to raising him-I should be taking notes.  
  • Kaden is a BIG fan of guacamole and edamame.
  • Car seats on planes are a life saver. Our flight was only half full on the flight to Milwaukee and they let us take our seat on the plane and Kaden didn't cry once or want to get out of his seat. We weren't as lucky on the way home but it could have been worse. He basically climbed from me, over Brett, to Dad and back, over and over and over.
  • Milwaukee is very similar to KC.
  • Last but not least-we had the BEST HOSTS EVER. It almost never feels like home when you go on vacation but Justin, Tugce and Gisele somehow made it feel very much like home and made it way to easy to come back once a month-hope they enjoy visitors! But seriously, thank you guys, we couldn't have asked for a better weekend. We love you all!!

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