Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We wanted to do something special for Kaden's actual birthday and about a month ago we decided we would take him to T-REX. Kaden usually does pretty good at restaurants since there is music and people he can stare at and with everything that would be going on at TREX, it was sure to be a good time. 

Kaden's eyes were HUGE when we first arrived and he wasn't sure what to be thinking. Was he suppose to cry, was he suppose to laugh or just look away. We started off to our tables and the dinosaurs started growling and Kaden got a little upset, not a full out cry but you could tell he was a little scared. (Side note-he doesn't like Royal games either due to the noise.) They take us to our seat, which happens to be in the very corner and doesn't have a view of a single thing except a rock wall! There was NO ONE in this place and they want us to look at a rock wall?!? I kindly asked that they move us to a different location so that Kaden can at least have something to look at so they put us next to one of the aquariums with a huge dinosaur above us. The dinosaur above us just happened to be PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS, which is known for having a big head so it was fitting since Kaden ranks pretty high in the big dome category! This dinosaur made noise about every 5 minutes and every 5 minutes Kaden would make noise back and I would like to think he was trying to scare the dinosaur or at least sound like him but I think he might have been the scared one. When dinner was over (you certainly don't go to TREX for the food) they came out and sang to Kaden and even brought him ice cream which he devoured! As we were walking away, he was smiling but I am sure he was thinking, Nana Nana Boo Boo, Stick your head in doo doo! Kaden OUT!

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