Monday, August 2, 2010

Okay, I must BRAG! But just a little...

Today was Kaden's first day at the new daycare. We loved taking Kaden to Ms. Melissa's and Ms. Pat's but the drive was long and frankly we wanted a little more time with him after work. Luckily for us, we had a good recommendation from a co-worker of Justin's and the best news, it is on my way to and from work, a whole 3 minutes from our house! I wasn't sure who this would be harder on, Kaden or me. I know how much he enjoyed being with Melissa and Pat and I was just hoping that it would be any easy transition. Drop-off and pick-up times at Ms. Brenda's are quick, get in and get out. So she held her hands out and took K-Man and off he went crying. I loaded back into the Tahoe and my eyes started to water but luckily, I got a text a little later for another mommy saying Kaden was playing and was super happy-made me feel so much better! At the end of the work day, I picked the little man up and although he was happy to see his mommy, you could tell he had a great day. And now for the bragging part...we get a daily report card and this is what Ms. Brenda had to say about Kaden and I quote...

"Kaden is a perfect angel! He had a great day, very happy & playful, very sweet, I really enjoyed spending the day with him!"

Ms. Brenda just confirmed everything we already knew!

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