Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Little Things...

seem to always get to me. Although we were out and about today, there were still things that needed to be done at the house, things I never imagined would make me tear up. (I seem to be doing that a lot lately, could it be because my Monkey is about to turn one-I think so!) Anyways, Kaden has been standing in his crib for awhile and he just keeps getting more and more adventurous and climbing over everything so it was time to lower the crib down a few notches and save him from black and blues that come from falling out of a crib.  As I was putting the crib back together, first the mattress, then the sheets, next the bumper, it made me think back to putting it all together for the first time, before K-Man was born. I use to just sit in his room and wonder, who he looked like, if he would know who I was, would I be able to give him everything he needed? There were so many questions, so many hopes and so many dreams that I had for my little boy. Fast forward a year later, there are still questions, more hopes and many more dreams that I now have for Kaden. And here, I thought I was suppose to be shaping and molding his life and yet, I am the one that has learned so much. He is such a ray of light, such a blessing and I thank God daily for bringing him into my life and allowing me to be his mother. How did we become so lucky...

Now the waterworks, didn't stop there. It was time to put the pack and play up. This pack and play has been in our family room since before Kaden was born. It has been put to good use, first as a napping place for Kaden, then as a changing station and now as a toy box. It houses the hundreds of toys and books that Kaden plays with on a daily basis and it was just taking up too much room. To the shelves the toys and books went (after removing TONS of DVDs-I had needed a good reason to get rid of them and Daddy didn't mind since it was for Kaden). Kaden was pulling himself up now and getting into everything so it was a win, win. Kaden gets to feel like he is into EVERYTHING and we don't have to keep pulling him away from everything. As I was loading the toys and books onto the shelves, we ran across "Love You Forever", a book that I still am not able to get through without crying and of course, I sat there and I read it to Kaden and we can all assume what happened next...

Hopefully, the next 24 days aren't as emotional because if they are I may never make it through his first birthday! On a positive note, here is Kaden's new play area with all of his toys out for his choosing!

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  1. I'm WAY behind on reading this... but I still wanted to stop in and say how much I enjoyed hearing it. It's beautiful to me to see a momma tear up over the little things and realize how much we love them. You're a GREAT mom and he's sooo lucky to have you!


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