Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Update

If you want to ensure for a great weekend, you have to get off to the right start and what better way to start your weekend than with a Chiefs game, Papa Murphy's Pizza and the Johnsons! This would be Justin and Kaden's first time meeting Baby Madisyn and we were very curious to see what he would think of a little baby. For the most part, he didn't even realize she was there unless she was crying or I was holding her. If she was crying, he just stared and once he even started crying a little himself. I guess he didn't want her to feel alone-what a sensitive and caring young man. We weren't able to get a picture of just the two kiddos but we did manage to get a picture of the mommies with the babies and the daddies with the babies. (Kaden had fallen asleep in daddy's arms and mommy just woke him up with the flash.) Unfortunately, (from what I hear) the Chiefs didn't look so hot but I guess a few players, McCluster and Croyle looked pretty good...

We got an early start to Saturday, while Daddy and Kaden enjoyed the farmers market, mommy started putting the kitchen back together but before we were able to get it all done we were off to a party. Miss Lily (a swim buddy and co-worker's little girl) was having her first birthday party and we were so excited to help celebrate with Lily. Kaden was also going to get to see the rest of his swim buddies and baby Luke. We tried getting a picture of all the boys together but Kaden wasn't wanting to look at the camera. It was getting close to nap time so before we headed out we put Kaden in Lily's new wagon for a quick little ride. Kaden invited Lily or at least made a few noises which sounded like "Would you like to go for a spin around your family room in your new wagon with me?" Lily got in and wasn't digging Kaden's vibe and start to cry. Kaden's feelings were hurt, his first date didn't go as planned, and decided that she was a little too emotional. :0) We thanked the Albins and Lily for the wonderful party and the great party favors-Kaden enjoyed hours of fun with the pail and shovel, and only managed to eat 3 crayons! On a side note-Kaden sure does have a lot of friends that are girls-Lily, Gisele, Madisyn and Baby Girl Berberich. Dad thinks we should start a "black book" for the little guy since he has so many choices!!

After the party it was back to working on the kitchen. We got the cabinet drawers and door pulls picked out, Adam installed under cabinet lighting, I got to do a little shopping for a few new things and we finished unpacking the kitchen. I unfortunately have to leave tonight on business but I am looking forward to returning to a completed kitchen or at least one that is 95% of the way done. I will post pictures as soon as it is completed.

Oh and I forgot the best part of the weekend thus far, Kaden woke up at 6:15 this morning and by mommy and daddy's time that was too early, he came into bed with us and went right back to sleep in my arms until 8. Not sure if there is anything better than sleeping in with my two favorite boys, and we can't forget Stoli and Brodi. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

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