Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our Little Skipper

Although K-Man is will always be our little monkey, this weekend he became our little skipper. We got to spend a fun and relaxing weekend at the lake house in the Ozarks and Kaden loved every minute of it. We were a little worried that this wouldn't be as relaxing as some of our past trips and it wasn't but it was a lot more enjoyable. We got to enjoy the wonderful weather, mostly sunny with a few showers, with Grammie Janet and Charlie, Adam and Becky and little cousin Colton too. Daddy and I bought a big blow up raft which worked out better than imagined and it even had a little "baby pool" in the middle that allowed the boys to play without being in life jackets or their own rafts. Before heading home today, we lowered the boat down into the water and took a nice boat ride around our neighboring coves. Kaden didn't really dig the life jacket too much but it is a RULE that life jackets must be on at all times while in the boat until he turns 21. But after we got going on the water he settled down, settled down so much he fell asleep. Colton followed his lead and was snoozing in no time too. The water was quiet so we just drove and looked at the new houses that have been built or remodeled and we noticed lots of lake homes for sale. We would really love to own a house of our own on the lake, so we added it to our 10 year plan-better start saving now!! But until that day comes we will enjoy watching Kaden waste the summers away at the family lake house-it is perfect.

So tired he can't even hold his own bottle. Grammie to the rescue.

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