Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Lake Weekend...

How does one tell if it was a successful lake weekend? Your son is asleep before you even hit the road!!

This weekend we got to enjoy the family lake house again and we brought Jake and Jennifer along for the fun. We had beautiful weather again, it started to get a little scary just as we were heading out for a late lunch but other than that sun, sun and more sun! The best part about this weekend, the nights-they were nice and cool so we all got to enjoy sitting on the deck, playing cards and watching the water. Instead of sandwiches for lunch, we headed out to Coconuts (by car-much faster). The food was good (after waiting for 30 minutes to be seated), the band was even better and the crowed, well lets just say it was one of the best places to people watch EVER!!
A couple new things on Kaden-He is MOVING! Kaden has had his own version of just about everything he does, so why would crawling be any different! He will crawl with one knee on the ground and one foot, I guess he feels it is easier to sit down when he needs to. He is pulling up on everything and now walking around the coffee table and couch and will go from one to the other. And he just figured out how to go up the stairs which wouldn't be a bad thing if he knew how to go DOWN the stairs! He LOVES donuts, especially powdered donuts-YUMMY. Here are a few pictures from the weekend, we hope to get back down there for another weekend very soon. Oh and a BIG thanks to Jamie, he came and stayed with the dogs-they were super excited to see him!

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