Sunday, June 27, 2010

Always Wondered and Now We Know...

We have one of the most fun loving golden retrievers that I know and the poor guy has been cooped up inside because of the HOT, HOT heat. He loves to be outside running and playing. His favorite game is Frisbee and boy can Daddy make him jump! Every summer we contemplate getting him shaved but we were worried he would look dorky and we weren't sure if his hair would come back in as light as it was before so we just got his undercoat removed and called it good. But this year, well we had other things to consider. With Kaden being mobile, I end up vacuuming 3-4 times a day due to the amount of hair he has been shedding and the clumps he removes when he scratches. Plus he just looked so hot and miserable. It was time to try something new in hopes that Brodi would be able to enjoy summer a little more. We made a few calls around to local pet grooming salons and PetCo at 75th was the lucky winner. Brodi is a whopping 83lbs and just full of energy but he loves going to the groomers, he has always been so calm and we were hoping that even though he wouldn't be with his normal groomer, he would still get a good report card. We picked him up about 5 hours later and he got an A+ for behavior! He certainly looks a lot thinner and kind of funny but I think we might just have to do this each year. Here is before and then scroll down for the after.

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